Have you ever woken up to find yourself with absolutely no motivation to go to class? I’m sure we all have had this happened to us at least a few times every month. On mornings like these, excuses are extremely easy to come up with: Didn’t get enough sleep? Nothing important today? Need a break? Have more than enough attendance? Yeah, we get it. But is it really worth skipping your classes though?

Not going to school even for a day can disturb your academics routine. There are several reasons why

You might learn something new

You might stumble on that one example, or that one concept that puts everything into place for you. Your teacher might bring up a particular topic of your interest or even have an interactive class for that one day. You never know!

You are wasting money by not attending classes

The tuition fees required for any college course is very well known to be very high, which implies that the cost of attending even one class is way higher than you might think. Let’s look at how much it would cost an engineering major to skip a class in Lovely Professional University, where the average fee for engineering is around 2 lakhs for a year, which would amount to a whopping thousand bucks a day! Now, you wouldn’t want to waste that, would you?

You can understand better in class

The notion that any particular concept can be mastered by studying it from a textbook is as wrong as it gets. There are some concepts that just can’t be grasped from a bunch of pages and written text, which makes the need for an explanation or interactive learning more important than ever. Studies have shown that learning from a teacher or professor actually provides better perception in students and helps them understand better. Not going to a class also can shove you back a few paces, making you miss out on certain connective topics without which moving forward in the course would be harder.

So, by considering all the points discussed above, we now know that skipping classes can earn you an express ticket to lower grades, harder assignments, financial loss, and also lead to you missing out on that purpose you chose the course and university to begin with. All this really highlights the importance while putting in perspective the consequences of not being a regular student in the class.