For a design student, inspiration plays an important role while designing. For some, it often acts as a stimulus in initiating a design process. Some even consider taking insightswhile they are brainstorming. And during a group discussion, you might have often seen designers, illustrating different mood boards. These mood boards are nothing but a collage of inspirations and ideas.

A designer could get inspired by literally anything! For instance, the beak of a kingfisher was taken as an inspiration for designing bullet trains. This is known as ‘biomimicry’, seizing insights from nature itself. Taking inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean copying someone, it is more likely borrowing ideas‘. Like a graphic designer might get inspired by the color scheme used in a piece of art, done by some other designer, and the latter can then produce a unique version, with its individuality.

Similarly, an architect might wonder seeing the rendering of a skyscraper, or an interior designer may admire the layouts and placements of a room. A product designer can get inspired by a glimpse of some prototypes and a fashion designer might simply love the shape of a dress! So here are some sites, a designer must visit to get some insights:

  • Art Station

 An enormous exhibition of abstracts, architectural concepts, automotive visualization, character design, book illustrations, character modeling, fashion and costume design, motion graphics, VFX for filmmaking, gameplay and level design, user interface, industrial and product design, web and app development. One can even set the search to the desired medium, such as 2D, 3D, or videos and animations. Truly a go-to site for every designer. 

  • Behance

Adobe’s Behance showcases the best design portfolios across the globe. Their four ‘P’ search engine is quite minimal and easy, one can explore ‘Projects, Photos, Prototypes, People’ all at once. You will surely get inspired by seeing the quality works, other people have made using the same software as you use. Their creative tools section is worthwhile, wherein they have assorted the projects based on software such as AutoCAD, Aero, Catia, Fresco, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Indesign, Substance 3D, and After Effects.

  • Dribble

It is the leading design destination for the community of creators. Their site even has a dedicated inspiration column if you are looking for animations, illustrations, product design, typography, prints, and web design concepts. One can also learn to design through their webinars and live workshops, and you even receive a group discount, if wish to you attend it with your friends.

These sites will surely give you a gazillion new ideas but make sure you never lose your individuality cause, that’s what makes you outshine!