With the invention of the internet and its proliferation into the farthest corner of the world, websites have blended into our digital life and aid us every time we have an unresolved curiosity in our minds. Websites of various kinds have swarmed into the internet, catering to the needs of more than 4.66 billion active users in the world.

While it is understandable that companies globally need to have websites to have an online presence, what is the need to have a personal website?

Getting to the base of it, one might even ask what such a website is in the first place.

What is a Personal Website?

A Personal Website, also known as a personal web page, is a website dedicated to an individual, displaying the person’s information, expertise and often containing the services provided or products sold by the individual.

Although global personalities hold these websites to establish and maintain an online presence, apart from being active on several social media platforms, millions of working professionals across countries use them for personal marketing, social networking, and showcasing their skills. Groups such as college students, graduates, and freelancers use this type of website as a CV and, at times, to express views on a wide range of topics from daily diaries to global events.

The Importance of a Personal Website

Let us list down some of the points on the importance of having a personal website.

  • Personal Branding

With your qualifications embedded on your website, it is like an online CV doing its work 24 x 7. As the reach of your website increases with the introduction of several cloud-pulling tactics, who knows, among the thousands of pairs of eyeballs that will scroll through your website, one or more pairs might be your future employer.

  • Getting Trust and Validation

Suppose you need to hire a web developer to build your website, and I have two options for you. The first one has applied through a CV mailed to you containing her qualifications and experience, but with no actual website link or a personal website. The second one has sent you her website link, containing her qualifications and links to her created websites as samples. Whom would you trust? The second one, of course.

Because you have the finished products in front of your eyes, which will make you believe that the second applicant should be hired, even though the first one might have more experience. When the roles are reversed, and you are applying to firms, having a personal website might give you an advantage over others.

  • Makes You Stand Out in the Crowd

How? It improves your chances of getting noticed online through a simple web browser search. A digital portfolio, if present, is much more dynamic and efficient than a physical CV as it is easy to maintain, update and send to the recruiters.

Wouldn’t it be much more professional to send the recruiters your website’s link instead of sending them a soft copy of your CV? Of course, yes.