One of the scientists at Lovely Professional University, Prof Dr Jyoti Rajput, from the Physics department, was lately invited to present her significant scientific research for “Plasmas in Super-Intense Laser Fields”, at Erice (Sicily) in Italy. Her research is going to be highly beneficial in the varied sophisticated activities involved in the domains of surgery, space and more

Representing LPU, Dr Rajput was the only researcher from India, who was selected with full support and funding by the leading scientists to participate in this research summer school in Italy.

Occasion was the 9th edition of the summer school ‘Plasmas in Super-Intense Laser Fields’ in Erice, Sicily, Italy. It was organized jointly by the Department of Energy of the Polytechnic of Milan, (Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimento di Energia), Italy; and, the University of Bordeaux, France.

While presenting her recent work entitled “Improved electron acceleration due to Hermite Cosh Gaussian laser beam in vacuum”, during the poster session, Dr Rajput expressed that her research is on laser driven charged particle acceleration in vacuum and plasmas. One of the distinguished and a lead scientist in laser-induced electron acceleration, Prof Dr Victor Malka, from Weizmann Institute of Rehovot, Israel, applauded Dr Rajput’s findings and illustrations in the field of laser plasma interactions.

Clarifying about plasma in laser interactions, Dr Rajput shares: “The powerful laser beam ionises the atoms, instantly, when it interacts with the solid or gaseous material. This means that the electrons become separated from the atomic nuclei to which they are attached. It is this ionised state that is referred to as plasma. And, this state can be diversely utilized for the benefits of humanity at large.”

LPU’s scientist also elaborated that ‘laser-induced plasmas’ are formed by the application of a laser pulse to a target surface, which instantly excites, ionizes, and vaporizes the material into a very hot vapour plume. Nowadays, its enormous applications can serve mankind in cancer treatments, ion radiotherapy, medical sterilization, security screening, research into new materials, biological processes, radiations and many more. Even availability of the table top compact laser-based accelerators serves great applications in hospitals at much cheaper cost for the cancer treatments, surgeries and tumours therapy.

LPU Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Lovi Raj Gupta and Dy Dean at the School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences, Dr. Kailash Juglan congratulated the hardworking researcher at the university and encouraged her to continue with more of such illustrious research works.

Many noted scientists from the globally reputed labs and universities including Queen’s Belfast, the UK; University of Rochester, the USA; University of Bordeaux, France; Ecole Polytechnique, France; ELI-Beamlines, Prague, Czech Republic; and many other researchers from divergent nation-states like USA, Germany, New Zealand, Israel, Taiwan, Egypt, China, Romania and other parts of the globe also participated in this event. A broad spectrum of topics and areas of research were covered in parallel sessions and the possibility of collaborative research has been explored.