As the sun set over the sprawling LPU campus, a sense of excitement and anticipation hung in the air. The reason? The highly anticipated LPU’s inter-hostel competition on sustainability, “Prabhaav,” was about to kick off. It was a platform for showcasing our students’ passion for creating a more sustainable future.

The buzz had been building for weeks as students from all corners of the campus had been working tirelessly to prepare for the event.

Prabhaav: LPU's Inter-Hostel Competition on Sustainability

From designing innovative upcycling projects to brainstorming new ways to reduce waste and conserve energy, each hostel had its eyes set on the coveted prize – the title of the most sustainable hostel on campus.

Prabhaav: LPU's Inter-Hostel Competition on Sustainability

From solar-powered chargers to composting systems to fashion made from recycled materials, the commitment of these students to creating a better future was truly inspiring. Each team showcased their unique approach to reducing waste and conserving energy.

As the competition drew to a close, it was clear that “Prabhaav” had been a resounding success. Everyone left feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference, and the impact of the event was felt long after the last team had left.

It was evident that the commitment to sustainability at LPU has been stronger than ever, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.