Human personality is a humongous topic to discuss. Moreover, categorizing and putting together which, in a single bracket, is never an easy task. Apart from that, it is not a perfect sorting strategy too. Each of us has a fresh set of traits, making all of us unique and adding more spices to the diversification of human beings.

Although uncommon, multipotentiality is one such trait that massively influences the way people possessing act.

Is Multipotentiality in Students Good or Bad?

What is multipotentiality?

The word “Multipotentiality” might sound unfamiliar to many of us, which in short, refers to a person interested in many things and is not content with settling just for a single domain. In other words, multipotentialities tend to indulge in numerous activities, altogether, to gather knowledge about anything that intrigues them.

Are you a multipotentialite?

Multipotentiality is not a trait that is quite a lot vocal about itself in the behavior and personality of a person. However, an estimate suggests that 10-15 % of the general population possesses it. While sometimes traces are evident, in most of the cases, the opposite happens. For many individuals holding the trait, it just becomes a way of life.

  • Are you interested in almost any topic that a person in front of you talks about?
  • Do you have a low tolerance for boredom and get tired of a task after some time?
  • Feel the urge to change your stream or course after maybe a couple of years?
  • Does your energy level soar high when starting a project, but somewhere near the middle of it, you feel like you have had enough?

These are some of the questions, the answers of which, if yes, might be a shred of robust evidence that you have bits of multipotentiality in you.

Is being a multipotentialite student good for a career?

There are two ways to think about it. While it is considered to be a gift from the above, on the other hand, people possessing this trait aren’t utterly satisfied with themselves. Looking at the brighter side, those people can quickly pick up new skills owing to their interests.

In addition, they can come up with innovative ideas, allowing them to choose the best path for their future. On the flip side, they might feel sunken a lot of times as they can’t complete what they started. Nor can they be satisfied with themselves and can prove to be lagged in teamwork.

Generally speaking, for us, the students, having multipotentiality can be a blessing in disguise. We are in our early 20s, and experimentation is the only stability that we can have in our lives. At this point, the more we explore the domains available to us, the greater is the probability of us finding the most suitable career path.

Is Multipotentiality in Students Good or Bad?

Each of us has separate interests in life, and multipotentiality allows us to explore and choose the best. The concept of “Try all, choose one” is best backed by this trait, having or cultivating which will push up the odds for tracking down job satisfaction in the future.