I have seen people who try to come down slopes that they are not ready for. I believe everyone wants to grab success; everyone wants to be that game-changer of their families. However, only a few could be able to make up for that extent. But, at a certain point people often look for answers to this question: Is there any shortcut to success?

In reality, NO!

Shortcuts usually lead to disappointments rather than quick success. People often misunderstood the meaning of smart work with shortcuts.

Shortcuts are the result of our self-doubt. When we experience failure, we start getting panic. Sometimes, we get ready to take any kind of road in our life without knowing the consequences of our actions. But, you have to understand getting on any road is not what you were trying for, maybe there wasn’t any shortcut but an appreciation of your hardship in your life and the love that you’ll possess for yourself could be the right way of your success. 

I am a third-year student of B.Tech from Lovely Professional University and during the three years of my college, I have seen many remarkable live examples which define there are no shortcuts to success. I believe your destiny could be the outcome of your real-life decisions. Sometimes, people with exceptional talent didn’t get recognized because of a lack of platform or self-confidence. So, only you can choose which platform is best for you. You can be victorious only if you have done your best.

As far as I know and have seen success, it is like taking stairs or climbing up the hill. Whenever you will try to skip the hurdle, you’ll fall.

Even if you are not the most talented person, hard work holds your hand to give you a decent life. A quote by Tim Notke is relevant in this context “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” Most of the people are endowed with some talent or the other. It could be sports, debating, acting, dancing or academics. But, this becomes meaningless if you don’t put in your best.

However, I have often seen that mentors play an important role in choosing your road to success. In this context, I would like to infer that getting a good mentor could be one of the shortcuts to success. And finally, never think that hard work goes to waste if you don’t achieve your goals. It prepares you for the challenges ahead and helps to make the transition towards your goal easy.

I would like to end this article with a quote, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

– By Ayushi Bhardwaj