On the occasion of the 71st Independence Day of India, School of Journalism, Film Production and Creative Arts celebrated Jashn-e-Azadi, an event to commemorate and honor the efforts of the noble souls who laid their lives for our country. Various students from across the country came together to celebrate the event in Block 20 of Lovely Professional University.

In this unique event, LPU students from 29 states of India and different countries presented the heritage of rich unified diversity which can also be seen among the students of LPU. Different events like debates, short plays etc. were organized which gave a great platform to the students to showcase their skills. Moreover, an open forum was held in which everyone was invited to come and speak out their minds regarding patriotism for their motherland. This forum gave an essence of the freedom of speech and expression to the students which every Indian citizen is entitled to. The fiery debate and the open forum not only allowed the students to go on a brainstorming session but also directed them towards innovative perspectives for the betterment of our country. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm and excitement throughout the event.

The event was led by Miss Arusha Farooq, Cultural Coordinator of School of Journalism, Film Production and Creative Arts. She congratulated everyone on the successful completion of the event and praised the teamwork of the students. She said, “The essence of true patriotism is diminishing in today’s generation. Therefore, such events are of utmost importance to invoke a sense of love and respect for their motherland. Such events also help to brew a sense of teamwork and unity among students from vivid backgrounds”.

Rubaid Ashfaq, Coordinator, Department of Journalism and Film Production quoted, “Self-dependency is the purest form of independence. True freedom is achieved when reliance on others is minimum and self-sufficiency becomes the way of life. That’s when a country becomes truly independent.

Dr. Pavitar Prakash Singh, HOS School Of Journalism and Film Production at LPU added, “The root cause that stops a nation from development is ‘Corruption’. When it is removed, only then can we call a nation truly Independent”.

“Actual independence can be achieved when equal rights are given to everyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The benefits of independence must be available to everyone who toils hard for the country and not just monopoly of few powerful individuals”, said Rajeev Kumar, a professor at School of Journalism & Film Production at LPU.