Lovely Professional University is well-known for its vibrant campus and exciting events. The recent Joy Carnival, organized by the Department of Youth Capital and Department of Student Organization, was no exception. The three-day carnival was a celebration of sustainability, under the initiative of Incredible-8.

The carnival featured a wide variety of stalls, offering everything from fast food to anime to delicious sweets. Visitors could sample authentic Delhi momos from the United Nations Youth Community stall or homemade Kheer and Shahi Tukda from Club 20 LPU. The various teams that participated in the competition were from Incredible 8’s hostels, and they went out of their comfort zones to accept the sustainability challenge.

The highlight of the event was the performances that took place in the evening. The performers showcased their talent and enthusiasm for contributing to a better world. The zeal to work with harmony and contribute towards sustainability was evident throughout the three days.

The Joy Carnival was a collaboration between the Department of Youth Capital and Department of Student Organization, and it was a testament to LPU’s commitment to world harmony and transformation of education at a global level. The carnival provided a platform for students and organizations to come together and celebrate sustainability in style. Member of Parliament, Chancellor Lovely Professional University Dr. Ashok Mittal and worthy Pro-Chancellor Madam Rashmi Mittal came to grace the event and interacted with the students.

In conclusion, the Joy Carnival at LPU was a great success, with its focus on sustainability, variety of stalls, and evening performances. The event was a perfect example of how LPU is creating a platform for students and organizations to work together towards creating a better and sustainable future.