Startups that will inspire you to do something amazing

Startups that will inspire you to do something amazing

5 Startups

Startups have always been a revolutionizing thing in the world. Since the last two decades, India has also seen tremendous growth in this industry. A survey stated that 80% of Indian college students want to establish their firm rather than work at a decent company with security. So, many colleges have started a separate club or association for entrepreneurship just like our LPU Startup School and E-cell. If you are a startup enthusiast, then these startup ideas will inspire you to create something helpful.


Capacity is simply a personal assistant application. This AI-based startup studies you through every single swipe, interest, and pause. It interlinks everything necessitated by you in a particular moment at a single platform. Forgot your assignments? Lost your flight tickets? Unable to find the book you want to read on the flight? Whatever may be the case, Capacity is there for you. It gives what you need at that time through your online and social activity. Capacity claimed to be better than Google Assistant in terms of structuring and thus raised a funding of $23M.


Every junior or high school student love to play video games. Considering this, Labster, an EdTech startup was founded. This company provides the riskiest, interesting, and must-to-learn junior and high school biology, chemistry, and physics experiments through virtual reality and hand simulation. It feels like getting inside a game where we have to perform certain tasks flawlessly for setting a high score. This technology is also beneficial for those countries where costly labs can’t be established. 

Chipper Cash

Chipper solved the common problem of most travelers who are short of international currency. Earlier if you are traveling in a foreign country and suddenly ran out of cash plus don’t have any local card or nearby currency exchange for withdrawals, you get stuck. Here Chipper Cash helps by providing the fastest cross-border money transfer. It is as smooth as messaging and instantly converts your native currency to the required one in its wallet. 


Swvl is an Egyptian company that provides powerful public transport service. Swvl has lots of vehicles throughout cities with different stopovers. You can track all those vehicles through its application and go out exactly when the vehicle reached your locality. The application shows seat status, stopovers, fare, and other advanced things for each vehicle. The rate is fixed and affordable than other public transport. Thus, it has raised funding of $80M. 

Our university has one of the finest startup cultures. Students have created on campus profitable ventures like WeFixD, Sab Store, King Hills Travels, Pink Hand and establish companies like Lucideus whose clients are Google and Facebook. If you are working on an idea, feel free to ask for any help or advice from campus mentors. As they say, “It isn’t the consumers’ job to know what they want”.