The purpose of the Freshmen Induction programme is to familiarise students with the traditions and expectations of their academic institution. The Freshmen Induction programme is designed to familiarise students with the academic policies and processes as well as the many multiple platforms and benefits that will be made accessible to students throughout their stay at the university.

The induction began on July 29, 2022 with the reporting of students in Shri Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium, and during this time, they were given an overview of all potential opportunities that are open to them so that they can become successful individuals.

Students should make the most of the opportunity presented to them during the Freshmen Induction to become acquainted with their teaching staff as well as their respective departments or schools.

The university welcomed thousands of new students from all of India’s states as well as from abroad. These students needed to learn about the university’s culture, safety, security, academic rules and regulations, placements, and discipline, among other topics.

The knowledge and experiences of LPU’s management, faculty, and staff members served as a source of motivation for new students participating in the devoted programme. The programme also included cultural sessions with a message-based focus, in which newcomers participated according to their level of talent, taste, and temperament.

Students were able to celebrate new beginnings and establish friendships that will last a lifetime. These experiences are sure to be cherished for the rest of their lives. The senior students had also planned several ice-breaking activities for the younger students to energise them to display their potential.

Message from the Pro-Chancellor Ma’am

Dear Students,

Greetings from the Lovely Professional University family and a hearty welcome! I hope you and your family are well. I’m excited to wish everyone at LPU well this academic year. This phase of your life will define your future. By joining LPU, you’ve joined a modern institution committed to excellence in teaching, research, and student development. Only you have the ability to limit your LPU opportunities.

We’ll help you build global networks, make friends, gain professional experience, and develop leadership skills. Induction begins your amazing LPU journey. The induction will help you understand the institution and its ethos. All programme activities are infotainment-based and designed to meet student needs. I recommend that you do not miss any activities.