The time is being so hard on us, we are losing people daily! Our lives have stressed out for no reason and all we have lost is our mental peace. But as it’s said that nothing lasts forever, this will end soon too. But till then the chaos that has been created by it, and the instability that has taken over people’s minds is massive. The need of the hour is that we constantly keep interacting with our friends, relatives, and our loved ones, to soothe our soul and bring peace to our mind. But the advancements in technology have made us reach those points of life, where we are left with no one but alone. Thus, people are now searching for mental peace in spirituality and yog.

Realizing the need and trying to work for the betterment of the society and serving the people, student organization Wings of Hope collaborating with SML, organized a live webinar session with the ‘International Life Coach- Shri Gaur Gopal Das Ji’ on 22nd May at 5 PM. The session witnessed the presence of all the eminent persons of Lovely Professional University starting from Mr. Ashok Mittal (Chancellor, LPU) Mrs. Rashmi Mittal (Worthy Pro-Chancellor, LPU), Er. H R Singhla (Director General, LPU), Dr. Sanjay Modi (Executive Dean, LPU), Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta (Assoc. Dean- LFTS), Dr. Saurabh Lakhanpal (Additional Dean-DSW), Dr. Nitin Bhardwaj (Asst. Dean- SOC, DSW), Dr. Suresh Kashyap (COS-MOSB), to Gaurav Gupta (Dy. Director- DAR) and was chaired by the man himself Shri Gaur Gopal Das Ji.

The session kick-started with the warm welcome of Guruji by Dr. Saurabh Lakhanpal, followed by a small chit chat of him with Guruji. The session was then taken forward by Mr. Vishnu, the anchor for the show, and Guruji’s words of wisdom and non-perishable knowledge.

Guruji while thanking Lovely Professional University for inviting him for the second time to influence the youth, and this time amid this hard phase of COVID-19 pandemic, especially thanked Mr. Triloki Nath Sinha (Founder, Wings of Hope) who had been continuously behind Guruji to come on live and motivate the people who have mentally being enslaved by this epidemic and are left with nothing but with hopes of things getting better.

Proceeding with what were his thoughts on this pandemic, and how this lockdown has served him personally Guruji answered several questions with his virtuous sense of humor that motivated the crowd of 3 lac+ people and spread the message of the need of internal peace at this point of time amid ourselves. Answering one of the questions Guruji phrased that ‘every youth and person on this globe to achieve success should follow the 3 simple mantras in life, which are Chill, Skill, and Fulfil.’ Adding to his statements Guruji also discussed the need for a balance between personal and professional life and gave suggestions on how to go about it.

Overall it was a wonderful session organized by the super active organization Wings of Hope that encountered the minds of many people through the digital platform. Guruji at the end thanking the organizers promised to visit LPU again and left us with the message that ‘this is not the end of life, it’s just a halt and a new beginning for change.’