Well, no one had ever thought of the situation we are facing right now. PANDEMIC. So, considering the safety of the students, the University has opted for an easy and effective way to conduct the End-Term examination in the online mode.

Exams have been scheduled from the 15th of June, and we have about half a month to prepare for the Exam. Let’s understand the strategy, process, and how to prepare, in order to score well.

Know your Syllabus

It is evident that this is somewhat different from previous examinations. Thus, a couple of modifications have been made to introduce ease and to reduce the burden on the students.
In general, Syllabus has been reduced by half for many of the courses. Units covered after the Mid- Term, i.e. Unit 4, 5, and 6 will be the new syllabus for this End-Term examination.
So students are advised to organise as per the new syllabus thoroughly.

Know the Pattern

Mostly, questions are going to be numerical, analytical, case-based, or situation based, etc. to test the understanding and clarity of the concepts in the student.

  • 3 questions will be there; 1 question from each Unit.
  • Each question shall carry 15 Marks.
  • The total time allotted will be 90 minutes.

Prepare the mindset

As from the past few months, we were literally enjoying our virtual world i.e. mobile, online games, social media, and memes. It’s time to exchange addiction to mobile phones with a study planner. From today, make a proper schedule, divide the syllabus into smaller segments, set deadlines for every segment, and canopy it on time. By breaking the goal into smaller fragments, we are more likely to achieve it.

The more goals you set, the more you get”
Fixed and growth mindset

Use replacement Strategy

Our mind works on thought replacement strategy. If we want to get rid or dismiss the focus from one thought, we need some other thought to focus upon. Similarly, if we would like to shift the focus from our ongoing activities to the preparation; we will have to introduce something in between i.e. study planner or schedule.

Refer to Online Materials shared by faculty

PPT’s, pdf’s, and notes are already being shared by the schools using the LPU LIVE platform, which can make the preparation easy. In addition to it, faculties had uploaded the video lectures on their respective YouTube channels.

What will motivate you to Study?

Since the government has initiated the plan of unlocking in a phased manner. Although predictions, in this case, are no doubt tough; but still these UNLOCK strategy depict that lockdown period is about to over in a month. Schools and colleges are likely to be re-opened in July.

Don’t you think, this online End-term Examination brings a good omen for us?
Be prepared, Be Calm
Think positive, Write Exams.