A student in college gallops alone on the galápagos through hurdles to attain wisdom. It’s no easy deal. We need hacks. We need swirls to tunnel through the pace leading to an easy greasy balance of life, which consists of everything – family, friends, studies, fun, sports and series of events.

Technology, being the Robin to our lives is the sharpest edge to cut through the chase. An average college student uses smartphone for 3-4 hours per day. So here I’m going to introduce some really helpful apps for your app drawer.

1. Alarmy

Alarmy - Life Saving Apps For College Students

Waking up is a tough task, no kidding. Oversleeping leads to slipping up of schedule, low attendance, less interaction and then comes the disappointment, which truly hurts. Sleep is necessary but in a timed way. Here we have Alarmy.  The makers of the app challenge you with the slogans, ”Devil’s Alarm” and “World’s most annoying Alarm clock”. The alarm won’t stop ringing until you complete the tasks. Includes solving Maths problems and shaking phone 100 times, etc. A must-have!

2. College App

LPU Touch -Life Saving Apps For College Students

It’s important to gather those important announcements. To check the attendance and get the correct class as in the timetable. The app lets you know the results and can file a complaint against a mishappening. This is like the soul of information flow from university’s end.

3. Inshorts

Inshorts - Life Saving Apps For College Students

Time is what a student lacks in this roll up of classes and personal work. Watching TV is not an option. So how would you come to know regarding the ins and outs of the current world. Here comes Inshorts, the quickest and the most conveying news app. The app claims to showcase the news in 60 words or less. Must have!

4. Google App kit

This is the whole tool-kit for a scholar to personalize the tasks exchanged with the college. Consists of:

  • Google Docs: For all of your document solutions.   

Google Docs - Life Saving Apps For College Students

  • Google Slides: Great layouts and accessibility for presentations like never before.

Google Slides - Life Saving Apps For College Students

  • Google Sheets: Make those spreadsheets easy to handle.

Google Sheets - Life Saving Apps For College Students

  • Google Assistant: You personal automation to do everything a phone can do. Just with your voice.

Google Assistant - Life Saving Apps For College Students

  • Google Translate: Will help you with any language. Your foreign friend will be impressed when you say “Hi” in his/her language.

Google Translate - Life Saving Apps For College Students

  • Google Calendar: To keep track of all those important days!

Google Calender - Life Saving Apps For College Students

  • Google Tasks: This is a must-have. Keeps a good track of your tasks.

Google Tasks - Life Saving Apps For College Students

  • Google Goggles: See a sign board, snap it and get the app to search that text and tell you what it is about.Google Goggles - Life Saving Apps For College Students

5. WordWeb

Wordweb - Life Saving Apps For College Students

Happens everyday when you come across a new word and you need to search without going online or making a google search. WordWeb is the kick-backer. The latest and perfect dictionary for your phone. Terms are too easy to search and the feature to learn a new word is also great. Obviously, have it!

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Life Saving Apps For College Students

Making connections is paramount. LinkedIn is well known for making connections and getting a gig in no time. Corporates today searches for eligible people over LinkedIn. It has become the most used sight by job-seekers and employers. Therefore it’s a must have.

7. TED

TED - Life Saving Apps For College Students

To be in that state of productive working, your inner self needs some words of wisdom, some points of motivation. TED is a shelf of achievers, those who made the best from their life.

8. Uber

Uber - Life Saving Apps For College Students

They say, when going gets hard, Call Uber!

Here I’ve listed the useful apps which you’re supposed to download for a better personalized going. Some apps like Notes, Calculator and Fitness monitor come pre-installed in the smartphones and hence weren’t mentioned.

Image Source: Screenshots from personal phone and Rapidweblaunch.com