LPU’s student organization Wissen launched a new episode of Wissen Talk Show ENTREPRENEUR EDITION with Eric Jason D’souza, India’s first international award-winning honored tattoo artist, Founder & CEO of Iron Buzz Tattoos, Mumbai. Eric specializes in Hyperrealism, Japanese, Oriental, Polynesian, Maori tribal art, and vintage American tattoos, and is conqueror of the Best Black & Grey tattoo awards for leg & sleeve tattoos at the International Nepal & Kolkata Conventions.

He is an upstanding man who aims to demonstrate to entrepreneurs and artistic people how to act decisively. So, they can present their artistic masterpiece to the world. For a blazing hour, he flashed his life chronicles, how he eventually found the purpose of his life, how he ended up finding his passion in the tattoo industry.


He elaborated on how he metamorphosed his unique interest in tattooing despite being bound by trivial human conventions and his family allowing only office jobs. At the beginning of his career, he worked all sorts of jobs, from being a corporate call center operator to working for a travel agency at that very instant he was stunned to find out his calling was art. He was grateful to find his passion so early in his career, he elaborated on how we can do it too, how we can find the purpose of our lives.

He expounded, how plenty of us have always questioned and thought about the essence of our lives, and there are novels, publications, seminars, and forums dedicated to the topic. Some folks lose their entire lives scrambling to figure out what their life’s intent is, and while we can all acknowledge that an epistemological life isn’t worth living, it’s also not worth defending if all we’re doing is analyzing.

According to an analysis, approximately 80% of folks are frustrated with their lives, “contemplating as if they’ve lost their lives and are midway through it,” and “don’t realize what their lives are really about.” Then who are the happy ones? The remaining 20%. He unearthed that every one of them realized something about their life’s essence. And he has devised five keys to find the purpose of our lives: what we are, what we accomplished, for whom we did it, what our close ones wished or expected, and what we gained out of all this, and therefore how we evolved as a culmination of it.

Later in the session, he discussed why communication is an indispensable ability that we all need to evolve, as well as how making other people happy, life assures that we too will be taken care of as well. The session was concluded with the man of honor’s glorious words.