The peace of our globe has been hindered by the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) recently which has shaken the normal lifestyle of people of major parts of the world, resulting in huge loss of lives. India being no exception is also facing major turbulence which forced the Indian government to initiate a lockdown making crores of the population to sit and stay at home. Due to the havoc created, LPU has halted all the classes making the majority of the hostellers leave their hostels but the students residing in the nearby areas of LPU are facing some significant problems.

Even after the constant efforts of the University to eradicate all the difficulties for the students still staying in the hostels and the nearby areas, students are experiencing a hike in prices of the daily items causing a sense of insecurity among them. In such a situation, Mr. Avinash, an alumnus of LPU and also an entrepreneur, is helping students especially the ones living outside the campus with the availability of regular items at considerable price. Mr. Avinash who’s turning out to be a lifesaver for a bulk of students is working along with his brother to provide the students with all the required items including groceries, fruits, vegetables, milk and other eatable items at MRP without any extra charges.

The students residing in and around the areas of the Law gate, Maheru and Chaheru are getting the benefits of this service. He has also extended this facility for the students still staying inside the campus. The onset of lockdown and non-availability of basic elements has forced the local vendors to increase the prices of all items around the Law gate area to nearly double the regular MRP price.

For instance, a packet of milk of Rs. 25 is being sold at Rs. 50 and onions of Rs.35 are being sold at Rs. 115 outside the Law gate! This is surely a problematic and an unsettled situation for the students away from home and the charging of such a high amount has led to complains of students from all over those respected areas via tweet, messages and phone calls which also reached Mr. Avinash, who then selflessly decided to lend a helping hand to the students and facilitated favorable modes of payment through cash or online payment gateways and wallets.

The determinative and compassionate behavior of Mr. Avinash towards the helpless students is highly appreciable and our university is expecting more of such personalities to come forward and withstand this tough circumstance and help others to overcome the tenacious situation.