AI and robotics are developed for mankind aid and human growth and this is seen clearly during the prevalence of COVID-19 across the globe. European countries and the United States are taking the help of the automation industry in performing tasks like hospital sanitation, food-medicine delivery and suspected area inspection where stepping of humans can be dangerous. Wuhan, the epicentre of this pandemic has opened a hospital with 14 robots for isolation and examining the patients. India is also preparing its automation and robotics for the COVID-19. Sawai Man Singh hospital, a government hospital of Jaipur, has started the test of humanoid robots for food, medicine and report delivery to the patients.

LPU becomes the only Indian university to get featured in major media organizations like Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Standard, Outlook India and many more who have covered the same story.

LPU’s Executive Dean of Science and Technology, Dr Lovi Raj has addressed these media and extensively quoted that “Robots can play a vital role during the present pandemic as they can minimise human intervention at all levels, starting from patient examination to patient care and drug delivery mechanism”.

Robotics and Automation

He then added, “As the present pandemic’s prevention and cure are centred around distancing, robots are to be brought in so that least human interaction is practised, especially with people who have been found positive and are kept in isolation”.

2500+ medical staff get infected in Italy by COVID-19 which is almost 8.5% of the total cases and as of now, India has reported 1251 cases and 32 deaths due to this virus. Keeping the number of well-trained doctors of our country in mind, India should seek highly for the help of automation in COVID-19.

Dr Anita Gehlot, Associate professor at School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering of LPU, while addressing the media stated that “Medical workers are working day and night to protect infected people. Maintaining social distancing at hospitals is crucial to stop the spread of the pandemic.

In this scenario, robots can play an important role in maintaining hygiene at hospitals and supplying medicines and collecting garbage in patients, bedrooms,” she added.