Theatre, a popular concept across the country spanning numerous cultures, is closely integrated with our pasts; it’s not just an art form rather a way of life. Every character incorporated in the play is not just a mere role but an emotion relished by folks leading to an everlasting ecstasy. Performed in groups, in large open areas, amassing large numbers of people, it’s a divine art form that helps people widen their perspective on life and help them grow morally. Inconsolably, in a pragmatic world, where our usual stints are slowly being over by machines, little did we know, we’re losing out on traditional art forms by leaps and bounds! In an effort to preserve our heritage, drama competitions across the country are popping up; the annual Naat Mela Drama Competition held in BarnalaPunjab being one of the oldest of such competitions, receives participants from all across the country. 

Team LPU bags first prize at Naat Mela Drama Competition!

Against stiff competition and with a spectacular display of artistic flair, the Lovely Professional University team won the first prize in various categories best play, best set design, best makeup, and best background music. Through their compelling and bold performance, they lucidly conveyed the concerns affecting our civilization. Expressing unsparing narratives is a superb demonstration of ingenuity, craftsmanship, and unrivaled conviction. The young Vertos mystified their peers by revealing the valid reasons for the existence of such abhorrent issues, and in the end, delivering a wise message. Such a thoughtful initiative by tomorrow’s leaders is praiseworthy, and it serves as a benchmark for future generations that might contribute to the genesis of a more equitable civilization.

Lovely Professional University School of Journalism, Films & Creative Arts is at the epicentre of artistic innovation and social debate. Integrating practical studio training in theatre and dance with the historical interpretation and philosophies of performance provides Vertos a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop both imaginative and intellectual competence while working with internationally renowned practitioners and scholars. Lovely Professional University extends its heartiest congratulations to the team on their well-deserved success.