I abundantly love sketching, I can literally hear my sketches loudly gossiping about my noble relationship with my phone. I have a handsome guitar joylessly rusting for a decade now. The empty pages in my gorgeous dairy are asking me what’s next. Endless books in the rakes are viciously staring at me as I turn on the TV to watch the same old movies. All my stunning clothes since grade 7th are squeezing each other in my merciless wardrobe. These are few screaming stories in silence which people don’t like to share on their social media. After all, they are all searching for new ways to kill this quarantine time.

A boring break brought to you by COVID-19

Few Joyful Things To Keep Yourself Busy In Quarantine

Amid COVID-19 outbreak around the globe, the Indian government declared a national wide 21 days shut down to contain the spread of the virus. The working-class people are assisted to work from home whereas the students are innumerably free. For such notoriously lazy people here are a few habits and skills which add an amiable spark to your boring quarantine time. Well, it takes exactly 21 days to adopt a habit. Let’s check out which one can bring the best out of you.

That book you used to love

Few Joyful Things To Keep Yourself Busy In Quarantine

Every time in the normal times when you see that book you bought with a thought to read you may not have time. Perhaps the quarantine is the right time to accomplish the reading task. Grab one of those rotting books you left unread a long time ago and finish reading it. To cheer you up, scientifically reading more books makes one smart, so, time to get smarter.

The dear diary

Few Joyful Things To Keep Yourself Busy In Quarantine

When a person is alone with their chin in hand he/she is full of thoughts. Thoughts can be an adventure, travel, fairy tale, romantic, poetic and many. Believe it or not, writing and re-reading them gives us the ultimate happiness. There was a time when a dairy used to be a great habit but soon technology changed everything. Few people still follow the tradition but not consistent enough. At a time of crisis to pen down the situation can be a useful anecdote for future preparations.

Childhood Nostalgia

Few Joyful Things To Keep Yourself Busy In Quarantine

Childhood memories spent in those self-built tents are purely precious. Those ludo fights, carrom coins, snake and ladder screams and checkmates aren’t they everlasting? Cherishing those lovely moments with our family can be priceless bliss. Doing them again will let us relive those long-gone days. Once in a while reminding and appreciating our vitality gives us immense strength to fight these problems.

Yoga and Meditation


Quarantine time can be utterly depressing and more often people freak out. Anxiety, panic, boredom and loneliness can be dangerous. Mental relaxing practices like yoga and meditation come in handy. They stimulate calmness, sparks up happiness, enlightens the brain cells, and lastly keeps you charged and motivated.

Keeping up with simple workouts

Few Joyful Things To Keep Yourself Busy In Quarantine

Persons who are gym lunatics and can’t live without weights might feel hard to compromise with simple workouts. Well, don’t worry, several Instagramers and YouTubers are coming up with homemade strategies to help you out. Because when you finally get out into the real world you don’t want to look out of shape. Fitness is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s cook

Few Joyful Things To Keep Yourself Busy In Quarantine

Cooking is an art which everybody can master if practised well. If you are trying really hard to impress someone by cooking, then listen to me this is the right time. Learn and try online recipes, from simple to extravagant every kind of cuisine is out there and you are just one click away. Try some nutrition rich dishes to boost your immune system to fight all types of germs.

Lastly, you can clean your closet and donate the unnecessary dresses. Bring out the great artist in you by sketching and painting. Awake that bathroom singer and let him/her sing in the hall, bedroom and kitchen.