Metallurgy is a branch of materials science dealing with the physical and chemical properties of metallic elements, intermetallic compounds, and alloys. Metal is present in almost every aspect of modern life. It also includes the analysis of exotic materials, both pure and mixed, that have applications in various industries.

The International Conference on ‘MINERALS, METALLURGY, AND MATERIALS‘, was initially scheduled to be held in Spain. However, due to the unprecedented time of COVID-19 and travel constraints, it was then conducted virtually on March 22-23, 2021.

Dr Ashish Kumar

Our esteemed Professor, Dr. Ashish Kumar, HOD, LPU’s Department of Chemistry participated in the conference as a keynote speaker and member of the organizing committee.

Materials 2021 is an international conference that brings together a diverse community of leading researchers in the field. Oral presentations in sub-disciplines, keynote sessions led by eminent scientists, and immersive poster sessions delivered by junior scientists and graduate students are all part of the science curriculum.

Dr. Ashish Kumar was among the knowledgeable and intellectual panel, imparting his knowledge towards the subject of discussion and staying engaged throughout the session.

Scholars from divergent nation-states like France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Romania, and other parts of the globe participated in this virtual event. Selected papers will be published in the Springer Nature- International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials with impact factor of 1.713.

The event was staged and rendered triumphantly, where young scholars, academics, and graduate students were assured to explore complex technologies and breakthroughs in their motifs of interest. A broad spectrum of topics and areas of research were covered in parallel sessions. Attendees were given the opportunities to discuss with brilliant scientists and researchers across the globe to come up with new interdisciplinary proposals for the welfare of mankind.