Athletics serve an essential role in molding an individual’s persona and appearance. So, to facilitate all Lovely Professional University Vertos with a truly happening experience, a sports environment that meets international standards is given on campus. Since its inception, Lovely Professional University has played an integral role in both student and faculty lifestyles, the aftermath of which seems promising. Apparently, the efforts paid off, and the crowd on campus has increasingly progressed towards a healthier, happier, and more sustainable lifestyle.

It’s important to note that Lovely Professional University is a pioneer in the sports and athletics industry, churning out champions with the likes of Neeraj Chopra (Olympic Gold Medalist)Bajrang Punia (Olympic Bronze Medalist), and the list goes on. Lovely Professional University promotes a wide assortment of sports ranging from indigenous ones like Kabaddi & Hockey to exotic American sports like Baseball to the Korean defense martial arts Taekwondo, and a lot more.

Lovely Professional University hosted the 5th Pensak Silat Federation Cup 2021-22

A little while back, Lovely Professional University hosted the 5th Pencak Silat Federation Cup 2021-22; the championship was inaugurated with a grand opening with a flag march, PAP bands, and a spectacular display by the participants. Participating were the state teams from all across India at the Lovely Professional University Campus for the 3-day tournament, and we also witnessed some really impressive and intense matches between the participating teams.

Thanks to such programs, the sheer number of fitness enthusiasts and athletes has been growing, and Lovely Professional University keeps incorporating new games so that every Verto can pursue the sport of their own choice. Such events help bring Vertos together and instill a sense of comradery among the students, which helps them grow as a person. Along with that, Lovely Professional University is regularly taking initiatives to promote national and international level tournaments, apart from selection and special training of teams selected to represent Lovely Professional University on various platforms.