We are enthralled to announce that the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India has selected LPU to host its prestigious Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme!

ITEC programme

The month-long International ITEC programmes on ‘Public Health & Community Care’ and ‘Android App, Development to Deployment’ have commenced at the university campus. Beginning from the 18th of February 2020 the programme will continue up to 17th March 2020. For this, two groups of candidates are at LPU for two programmes of community development. 

ITEC programme

ITEC Director and Head Division of International Affairs at LPU, Mr Aman Mittal briefed about LPU ideologies and ITEC programme to the visiting candidates. He informed that India is illustratively owner of the first university of the world, and since then it is continuing sharing its knowledge with the world. India has the plan to train 2000 international candidates of which LPU alone will train 200+ candidates under six programmes. He also informed about four more ITEC programmes, of two weeks each, to commence at LPU in the mid of March 2020.

Launched by Government of India in 1964, ITEC is a programme of bilateral cooperation and technical assistance. India holds its necessity to establish relations of mutual concern and inter-dependence based. The programme is based on commonly held ideals, aspirations, and solid economic foundations. India has the competence of providing technical know-how and expertise as well as training opportunities, consultancy services and feasibility studies. Programmes such as ITEC are continuously generating immense goodwill and substantive cooperation among the developing countries.

About 50 participants from 30 partner countries are already getting trained at our campus, and we look forward to training another 150.

Take a look at these captures from the inaugural event: