“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose – it teaches you about life”

With such thought-provoking ideas, Alumni Association of Lovely Professional University invites you all to 10th Annual Athletic Meet at Lovely Professional University.

The Event has been scheduled on 16th-17th February 2018 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and will be held within the campus premises. Participants are requested to report at Block 30 on arrival.

It would be an honour to have you as our participant for this event. It would also increase the motivation in the students to see their alumni and encourage them to strive together for great outcomes.

We request you to please charm the event with your presence.

Note: All Alumni Events will be on 17th February 2018.

Link for registration – https://alumni.lpu.in/page/alumni-registeration-details-for-atheletic-meet-lpu

Link for gate pass (For Alumni only) – https://goo.gl/4D4Lv1