It is well said “Opportunity knocks only once” but when we talk about LPU then we would surely have to modify this notion, as it is adept in providing the opportunities every single day. Lovely Professional University is always ready with numerous opportunities for its vertos and along with that it never ceases to provide the resources required to achieve them in the form of amazing mentors and their incredible great guidance! And likewise, vertos never stall to grab opportunity at hand, as one risks losing the chance forever if one does not act quickly and grab that right away.

Once again Vertos are clambering with sparkles of success, as two of our vertos, Mr Abhishek Kumar and Ms Nidhi Prakash are all set for their new journey to a cultural program. The cultural program, E-ICEP, that is, E International Cultural Exchange Programme is to be held in Singapore. Yes, you read that right! They recently have been selected for the Cultural Exchange Program in Singapore which is going to be held on 18th and 19th November 2021. Presently, due to pandemic this cultural exchange program is to be held online but there are significant chances of it being held offline as well. In total there were only 20 seats available for the students of the entire nation and they ended up being the 2 among those 20. Big Deal, right? The process of selection was based on different rounds and it was only after clearing each round the students were selected. There were around three to four rounds in total. And only with suitable skills one would have been able to clear them.

Abhishek Kumar is a proud verto, who is in his senior year of Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering. He has been a cadet in NCC which refers to National Cadet Corps. Lovely Professional University hosts regular training camps for all the NCC cadets of the 8th Punjab Battalion. While talking about the grabbed opportunity, Abhishek thanked LPU wholeheartedly especially for the soft skills instilled which were a major factor for his clearing the interview.

Nidhi Prakash is another verto who got the chance to become a participant in the cultural exchange program. She is also in her senior year and is currently pursuing Bachelor’s in computer science. She too is an NCC cadet and has grabbed this golden opportunity through it. She said that it was her life’s biggest achievement and that was only possible through the guidance of all her seniors and the faculty members of LPU. She also mentioned that the Soft skills classes played a major role in her selection as well.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. And with the right amount of guidance and implementation, everything becomes achievable. One should always be willing to shoot a chance as one never knows how perfect that chance may turn out to be. As said before, we are highly proud of the two vertos for the opportunity grabbed and for the good name created.  We wish them all good luck for the new ventures that are up for them.