Everybody wants to be a leader but do you know what are the traits of a leader? One of the most common traits of a leader is management, yes, management if you have good management skills then it is a big sign that you can be a great leader. So, today we are going to talk about a book on management “the new one minute manager”.

In this book, the author interviewed managers of many firms but once, he met a manager who was successful than others and was not busy as others, the author was surprised. He had given plenty of time to the author to record his interview and as the author followed he also became a one new minute manager. The title of the book suggests that you can do the most effective works of management in only one minute.

Three lessons of the one new minute manager

1. One minute of planning:- It is the most effective way to achieve any goal.

If you are leading a team, ask every teammate to write down what they are going to do in following week from higher to lower priorities (they can also use 80/20 principle i.e. 80 percent of results come from top 20 percent of your work). Then review that list or planning of work and suggest some things if you think something can be improved. Writing down is important as it would activate your subconscious mind.

If you are working on your own you can also do this practice of planning in one minute and writing that down, so that your brain does not get confused while executing the planning.

2. One minute of praising:- Everyone seeks appreciation. Appreciation to men is like a gold medal to Olympian. The author of the book said that if you are working in a team or leading it, you should praise your team people as soon as possible for their good work. Why one minute, let’s see

15 seconds: praise them; take a pause so that they can feel that.

30 seconds: tell them what they did right.

15 seconds: motivate them for future.

If you are working alone, praise yourself even on your small achievements because remember no one will going to praise you. If you want to stay motivated, praise yourself continuously and give yourself small prizes even on your small achievements.

3. One minute of redirects:- Remember that everyone can do better than what they are doing. They just need some support and if you are a good manager you can provide that support to them.

If you think someone is doing something wrong and he can do it right you just have to tell him, because he or she could only know what they are doing wrong if you will communicate to them.

Remember anyone will only listen to you if they respect you. Respect doesn’t mean that they will be happy with you, respect has a different aura; sometimes your enemy also respects you, it just depends on your attitude and personality. For that, the author breaks one minute in the following way.

15 seconds: tell them what they are doing wrong; take a pause for them to realize their fault.

30 seconds: tell them how they can correct it and what you need them to do as a manager so that they could be proved resourceful to the work.

15 seconds: tell them what do you think about them (positive) and motivate them.

If you are working on your own, continuously take notes of what you are doing wrong but always think of yourself as a winner because if you are not a winner for yourself then for the world you will always remain looser.

These are the top three learnings from the book “new one minute manager”. If you liked the summary then you should read the book once; you will never regret it. I hope you will also become the one-minute manager after reading this book. 

Keep learning; keep rocking!

About the Author:
Saral Saini