LPU and its credit transfer program is an eternal love story of which thousands of students now have been a part of. With hundreds of students every year getting selected by international universities that are tied up with LPU through its tremendous network of foreign universities, LPU has shined and lived beyond its claim of providing the best future for the students.

The credit-transfer program, which can also be called a semester-transfer program, is available only in a few universities in India, LPU being one of them. Over years, LPU has strengthened its tie-ups with the infamous international universities in every continent, and in almost every country with unique study programs. In this program, the student can begin his/her degree in LPU itself, and after their first or second year, they can opt for admission to a foreign university by fulfilling several terms and conditions. This will lead to the conversion of a local degree into a global degree with a full scholarship and not even half of the fees are required! This way you start your degree in India and land up in your dream country pursuing your dream degree, thanks to the excellent training facilities at LPU.

This time too, Arihant Dev Sharma, a B.Tech. CSE (Computer Science Engineering) student of LPU has received an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study at The University of Lethbridge, Canada under the credit-transfer program of the university. Not many are aware but Arihant is a signer as well and has participated in UNITE INDIA- Music Poetry Dance Acting completion organized by Association with Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi on the behalf of LPU in 2020. He has now defined himself, establishing his name internationally and making us proud.

The University of Lethbridge is a public research university situated in Alberta, Canada offering post-graduate and under-graduate degrees across various divisions concentrating more on research. It was sixth in the rankings of universities in Canada in 2022. Overall, it is a dream university for any student studying in it and the entry of our Verto here is a matter to be extremely proud of for each one of us taking it as inspiration and working hard to achieve a feat similar to this. We congratulate Arihant for achieving this rare feat to study in a foreign established university, making our expectations sky high for him allowing him to receive everything he deserves in his life in the best way possible.