Our lives are full of opportunities and they lay right there until we have the courage to take up one of the opportunities and turn it into a challenge to become the best version of ourselves. However, we must remember that nothing comes at ease and has a cost to pay, a lot to sacrifice. If I consider studying abroad, then many of you might come up saying how it’s a dream of yours which still isn’t fulfilled because of a variety of reasons including a proper breakthrough and financial condition or the inability to complete the terms and conditions of the University or the country you want to study in. In either way, it’s heartbreaking of course, but not if you are a student of Lovely Professional University!

Yes, you heard me right. LPU is one of the very few Universities in India which respects your dream of studying abroad and paves out a way for you to achieve it through its credit transfer program. A lot of students every year get the chance of completing half of their degree in LPU and half in a renowned foreign University, or a semester or so there. And what good does it do with just a semester out there and not the complete degree? Well, firstly, you get that unequivocal exposure that wasn’t offered to you earlier in your career. Secondly, studying there leaves an impression and makes you eligible for the job and internship opportunities there along with making your CV look good!

Another such opportunity was grabbed by another LPU student yet again, this time a student of automobile engineering Sabeel Abdul Rahim from Kerala who is now transferred to the University of Huddersfield, England for Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Automotive Engineering Technology. He has also worked as an intern in ExpertsHub, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The University of Huddersfield is an open university with students from over 130 countries and provides them with degree training courses through their International Study Centre. It gives a wide range of education with their 7 academic schools in disciplines like art, applied sciences, engineering, computing, architecture, health sciences, business, marketing, etc.

In other words, it’s a dream come true moment for Sabeel and we can’t be more happy and proud for him! He proved that grit and passion can lead you to the position that is destined to offer you success. Let us wish him the best of luck for his future!