Lovely Professional University believes in their Vertos and gives them all the assistance they need for their endeavors. LPU’s Electronics and Communications Engineering student Pankaj G is an achiever who has continuously put his efforts in order to get to his dreams. He has received Gold Award in Student Category for presenting a Case Study at CII MILCA Award 2022. He has also won the Bosch IOT Ideathon 2022. He has also been awarded the silver medal at National Level of India Skills 2021. His achievements do not just end here. He is an expert in his field and has been serving as a Mechatronics Junior Engineer in a pioneer of robotics and automation industry.

Pankaj tells that he has always been supported by his mentors in Student Research and Project Cell and Student Welfare Wing. His experience at LPU in participating at competitions has prepared him for international competitions. He has also been awarded the Indian Achiever’s Award 2022. He serves as an inspiration to all Vertos who are out there following their passion and benefiting the world along with that.

There is no sure shot way to success. All you get to do is try and experiment your way towards success. Achievements are the series of successful attempts at a certain thing. There are several ways you can approach a problem or different sets of problems. You won’t be called an achiever with just one shot at success. You have to give a lot of attempts as well as be used to failure throughout the process. You have to prove your worth not just once but numerous times. The path will be paved one brick at a time once you decide to pursue it. We wish our fellow Verto our best wishes for his future endeavors.