As a Facilitator

Imentor Career Fair Organized by United States Youth Council (USYC) with support from US Embassy, Nepal on 21 Jan 2017. 

Hello there I am an LPU Alumni, passed out from the batch of 2014. I have accomplished my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Those four years at LPU had been golden year of my life with all opportunities and guidance to shape myself the for the outer world. I am recently doing fellowship in Teach For Nepal exploring new horizon of self, my country Nepal and helping deprived kids in rural part of Nepal via providing quality education. I have also worked as a Founder and Managing director of Electra Motors Pvt. Ltd. (Electric Vehicle import and distribution company). I aim to own and run a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

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It was 6:00 AM when I finally walk out of my bed. I just had 35 mins to get myself ready for today’s trip to Ramdevi Secondary School, Jalkini (Sindhupalchowk, Nepal) to facilitate Career Fair organized by USYF with support of US Embassy Nepal. With my full energy, I got myself ready.  We left Nawalpur by 7:10 AM. Students were full of energy, we sang, talked over our whole journey. Happy time passes quickly.

Each school was allowed to bring utmost 50 students, we took students of class 10 only as there were 45 students from class 10 itself. We had our morning breakfast at Jugal Guest House. Food was good, guest house was very spacious, and cozy.

We reached the venue by 10:05 AM. We were late by 5 minutes but unfortunately organizers and mentors themselves hadn’t arrived. There arrived late by 15 mins. Then started rush hour. Around 300 students from 6 different schools and handling them was another challenge. We were already running late. But cheers to all TFN Fellows, and Supporting team from USYF we were able to organize everything with rapid speed despite of many challenges.

Our session started by 11:30 AM, 30 mins late than the scheduled time. I was facilitating “Business Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship Session” along with Dipesh Maharjan as support partner and Rafael & Susma Bhatta as Mentor. Rafael was running his own chain of hostel named “SAATHI KO GHAR” in Kathmandu whereas Susma  was working in Nepal Taekwondo Federation as Manager and was also studying masters in business.

We had to run three simultaneous Session of 45 mins each. Although the content of each session was similar, the only difference was the Audience. We divided our role among each other. Dipesh led certain part of the session and I led the rest. We had around 10 to 15 mins of info session about this particular sector like what does management and economics means, its status and scope in Nepal and what to do after class 10 along with basic information on Entrepreneurship, like what are the opportunities and challenges in Nepal and why to become an entrepreneur. Then we had around 20 mins of Q&A session with the respective mentors where I and Dipesh asked various questions to mentors so that student could get a more deep understanding of the sector. Mentors shared their life experiences, what they are currently doing, what challenges they face, what sort of preparation one should do and what are the scholarship options etc. The session was very interactive and informatory. It seems many were inspired by the mentors.

Then was an open session where participants had opportunities to overcome their queries about the sector. Participant students raised very few question and participation was not as expected. It seemed the students were feeling shy or thinking what other would say as there were students from different schools. So I had to facilitate an open session when required by asking some relevant questions. Very few raised queries and those queries were really very interesting. It may also be because Information was too overloaded in very confined time. But we tried to keep our points as simple as possible and to the point. Another best part was, we had reflection after each session to have a review and to improve. Thanks to Rafael to initiate Reflection session among us.

Despite the fact that we had very few resources like, we had no laptop, no projector, no speaker we succeeded in delivering content effectively, thanks to the TFN training and our experience as a Fellow.
It was my first experience as a facilitator in such event, thanks to Nawang Dai and Drishya Di for considering me. Our Q&A session was more like a Live TV show where the host asks questions to the guest. This method was effective.

Moreover, I had the opportunity to meet many new people from different sectors. The entire session was full of learning and new learning for me as well.