LPU organised ‘National Entrepreneurship Conclave’  from 25th to 26th November 2017 where 15 successful entrepreneurs shared their secret of running a successful business venture.

The agenda of this event “National Entrepreneurship Conclave” was to stimulate the thoughts of youth on Entrepreneurship and start-up ideas on Ed-Tech, Fin-Tech, Block Chain and Social Entrepreneurship. The students got an exposure what the reality is and got the chance to hear it from the leaders who got success in their respective fields and won the heart of the society/surroundings with their relentless efforts.

Successful Entepreneurs Guide LPU Students during NEC 2017

The conclave opened doors to immense possibilities. The students learnt how to start their own business, how to transform a business idea into a fully functional and flourishing startup. Successful entrepreneurs of this era guided them what kind of challenges exist for an entrepreneur and startups and how one can face them. All in all, the students learnt that entrepreneurship is a rewarding career, but the road to being a successful entrepreneur asks one to be ready for tons of hard work and ready for any challenges.