Hey Folks, winter is here. Excited? No! I completely understand. Though winters are a welcome thought to girls for being away from months of painful waxing and shaving, it also brings its own perils. Some of the most common problems are dryness, broken skin, cracks etc….

For students I completely understand that being a student, staying in hostel juggling day to day things, there isn’t much time to pay attention to such things. If we make time then usually budget doesn’t allow especially at month ends. Don’t worry, here I bring you Three homemade tips to keep you glowing throughout winter. They are the least expensive and most effective tips I could come up with. Try and Let us know your views. All the items required are very easily purchasable (Tuck Shop for hostel students)

  1.     Chapped lips

    Winter woes, bye bye

This is a common occurrence in winter and yet so easily solvable.

Things you will need are (All available at tuck shop)



        Cotton or tissues

All you have to do is take a bit of honey in small bottle and put tiny pieces of Beetroot in it too. Slowly you can see the honey color changing into that of a beetroot. Don’t panic when honey dilutes a bit it’s completely normal. Every night before you go to sleep put a bit of it on cotton and put it on your lips.

Morning you will find your lips better than before and slowly over days dark pigment will fade away too. After you brush in morning take a bit of honey on brush and massage it over your lips for a minute every day. It will make your lips look plumier and more kissable.

P.S. Don’t worry about storing as cold winter temperature will not let it spoil though in summers it might only last for 2 weeks as beetroot will soon start to spoil.

  1.     Dry And withered hair
    Winter woes, bye bye

This is again very common (except for those who have rebounded their hair of course) but this hair mask will start showing you effects from first wash. It might not make Cinderella change but it will show a difference.

Things you need (All available at tuck shop)



        Coconut or Olive Oil

Would definitely recommend you to grind the banana by either asking the canteen people or anyone rather than you smashing it with your hand. As later you will have pieces of banana sticking in your hair and trust me they are a struggle to remove. You are in for a lot of tugging and hair loss if you don’t follow my smashing advice. After you have your smashed banana, mix 1 tsp of honey and a bit of oil (depending on your hair type – more for dry and less for oily). Apply it and keep it overnight and wash in morning. You can feel your hair a bit softened from first wash itself.

  1.     Cracked and dry feet

Winter woes, bye bye

This is one common problem as we pay more attention to face whereas completely forget our poor feet. Let’s give them some attention too after all, they take you places.

Things you need

        Baking Soda

        Coconut oil or any oil

        Bucket /Warm water


        Pumice stone or old/unused Toothbrush

All you need to do is fill half the bucket with warm water and put 3 spoons of baking soda in it and soak your feet in it for like 15 – 20 minutes. Later dry it and then use a pumice stone or old toothbrush to gently remove the dry skin off. Massage gently as skin at that point is very sensitive. Then massage the heel or I would recommend whole foot with oil. Wear socks and sleep and in few days you will have completely healed and soft feet.

Hope these tips helped. Share your experiences and if these are useful. Hope you have sparkling winter.