LPU student from the School of Agriculture, Sambit Shome got an opportunity to study at Mendel University, Czech Republic on scholarship.

Mendel University in Brno, MENDELU for short, is the oldest university of its specialization in the Czech Republic. The university consists of five faculties and one university institute, the whole university is based in Brno, the only exception is the Faculty of Horticulture based in Lednice. The school is named after the founder of genetics and the discoverer of the basic laws of inheritance, Gregor Johann Mendel.

The Faculty of Agronomy at Mendel University is a direct successor of the Economic Department established in 1919 when the University of Agriculture in Brno (VŠZ) was established, which enabled the study of agriculture engineering. The faculty prepares highly qualified specialists in a wide range of fields of study dealing with landscape issues, production systems and technologies in agriculture, agricultural products processing, waste management and mechanization.

We wish Sambit lots of luck and hope that he achieves all his goals!