“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

Glamour is defined as “the quality of seeming to be more exciting or attractive than ordinary things or people” as per the dictionary. As tempting as the glamourous world looks, it is merely some normal things with an extraordinary outlook. The movie industry and the whole mass media seem fascinating to most ordinary people. We revere the actors, the models and the artists as their outlook intrigues us. We treat celebrities with respect and love because of their artistic values. There is no doubt that they put a lot of effort to become what they are. An aura of glamour surrounds them but through the lens of modesty, one can see their simplicity. The achievements of these stars are so big that they sometimes tend to overshadow their personalities but the ones who portray their personality the best way win the hearts of the people.

LPU Student Jaspreet Kaur Won the Title of “Miss PTC Punjabi 2022

One such student of LPU has spread her wings and flabbergasted everybody with her confidence and vigour. I am referring to Ms. Jaspreet Singh Kaur who is a Master in Design student at Lovely Professional University. At the time I started writing this article, Ms. Jaspreet was in the finale. By the time I am ending this article, she has won Miss PTC Punjabi 2022. It is amazing that one amongst us has touched such great heights. She has done it with constant effort and initiative. I had an opportunity to know her during a video shoot by Division of Student Welfare at Lovely Professional University. Along with her, I got to meet other aspiring models and artists of LPU who had great potential. I have seen her up close and worked with her.

She is one of the most grounded people I have ever met. She is a down-to-earth individual who has deep-rooted respect for her culture. The simplicity with which she does things is enigmatic. She had a keen interest in modelling and acting when I met her. She is an absolute hard worker and has an exuberant personality. The humour with which she deals with everything is just amazing. Seeing her on the television was an absolute delight. Lovely Professional University has given her opportunities to model and acts in competitions and events. She appreciates the encouraging environment LPU has where students are nurtured and their talents are fostered. Division of Student Welfare among all the organizations has provided ample opportunities for her to explore her talent.

LPU Student Jaspreet Kaur Won the Title of “Miss PTC Punjabi 2022

Talking about her journey in PTC Punjabi, she got to know about it through a fellow LPU friend. She gave the auditions and was appreciated for her voice throw. She loved the thing that Miss PTC Punjabi title was not just for modelling but it included a lot of rounds that checked the intelligence, confidence, knowledge about culture and tradition, perseverance and whatnot.

There were several rounds and Ms. Jaspreet excelled in all of these. She got a standing ovation because of her acting skills, spontaneity, voice articulation and confidence. She is thankful to her younger brother for pushing her to take part in the competition and helping her out in “Punjabi Virsa”. She has learned so much in this one month where she overcame her fears and weaknesses while constantly working towards her passion. She always respects an outspoken person and has proved that a person can achieve everything he/she strives for. 

We wish her the best for her future endeavors and draw out inspiration from the achievements of a fellow verto.