After shining at the Olympics, LPU student and India’s star hockey player Harmanpreet Singh won the ‘Player of the Year award in the International Hockey Federation’s Hockey Stars Awards! LPU’s MBA Student Harmanpreet Singh scored six goals in the Olympic Games, the highest among Indian Team members. He also scored in the Bronze Medal match. We are incredibly proud of our student and Olympian, who has claimed the top honor at such a prestigious occasion and proved his mettle boundlessly! We at LPU extend our most heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Harmanpreet Singh on raising the grandeur of our Tricolor in front of the whole world!

LPU Student Harmanpreet Singh Wins the Hockey Player of the Year Award

Indian Hockey players dominated the International Hockey Federation’s (FIH) 2020- 21 awards held on October 6. The sweep in the awards category is a likely outcome of India Men’s first Olympic medal for 41 years and the jaw-dropping performance of the Indian Women’s team in the Tokyo Olympics. The incident is also considered a remarkable feat as this is the first time that India has won all the nominees’ awards in the FIH annual awards.


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, FIH Hockey Awards were not held in 2020. As a result, this year’s awards were considered based on players’ performance from January 2020 until the Tokyo Olympics Games. More than 3,00,000 fans across the globe cast their votes, which began on August 23 and was completed on September 15, 2021. The breakup of the votes system is as follows: –

  • Votes from coaches and national captains from National Associations: – 50%
  • Votes from Media houses: – 25%
  • Votes from Fans and Players: – 25%

Harmanpreet Singh (TEAM INDIA) – Score: 52,11 pts (42,66% of the National Associations votes, 44% of the Media votes, 79,12% of the Fans/Players votes)


  • FIH Women’s Hockey Player of the Year: – Gurjit Kaur (Team INDIA)
  • FIH Women’s Goalkeeper of the Year: – Savita (Team INDIA)
  • FIH Women’s Coach of the Year: – Sjoerd Marijne (Team INDIA)
  • FIH Men’s Hockey Player of the Year: – Harmanpreet Singh (Team INDIA)
  • FIH Men’s Goalkeeper of the Year: – PR Sreejesh (Team INDIA)
  • FIH Men’s Rising Star of the Year: – Vivek Prasad (Team INDIA)
  • FIH Men’s Coach of the Year Graham: – Reid (Team INDIA)