A huge assembly of Lovely Professional University students from all states and UTs of India and 40+ countries organized a four kilometer long ‘World Peace Rally’ inside the campus. Always peace loving students were seen holding placards with messages of peaceful living and brotherly existence globe over. Famous global song ‘We are the one; we are the world’, sung by all the top singers of the world in a voice, was also continuously echoing across the campus. The rally started from Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the university and covered all the 64 blocks of the university.

Students urged that our brains and bodies should always be ready for empathy, humanity, co-operation, unity, togetherness, collaboration and other such related elements only, instead of any discords.

Various placards had messages like-“Say no to any war; End the hatred & violence; This planet is only for peace; War is always a failure, avoid it; Peace will save the world; Bullets bring bruises; not peace; Peace is Angel, War is Ghost; Escape killings; Nurture Lives; and so many other. Side by side, peace favouring addresses were made, and small scripted “Nukkad Nataks” for observance of fraternity and friendship in all the continents were also mesmerizingly enacted. LPU’s faculty and staff members were also a part of the meaningful rally organized to bring an end to global disturbances and chaotic environment.