The last session of LPU’s Technovation Summit 2021 held on 14th March 2021 was the most awaited one. The reason being the expert joining the session who has been an inspiration for millions of students across the country for a long time – Mr. Aman Dhattarwal.

A TEDx Speaker; Founder of Apni Kaksha and Hustlers Bay, Aman joined the summit to guide the vertos on “Entrepreneurship”. He is passionate about guiding the youth and thus keeps on delivering seminars regularly. To date, he has successfully delivered over 40 seminars. His passion for tutoring the students has made him “#1 Educator for JEE” on India’s largest e-learning platform – Unacademy. Besides, at the age of 22, he turned himself into a millionaire.

During the session, Aman talked about the importance of being a ‘cleaner’ person. A cleaner is the one who can take decisions on his own. Every individual must be a cleaner while taking two of the most important decisions of life: choosing a career and choosing personal relationships. A healthy career would help in cherishing the journey; while the second decision helps in creating a happy and healthy environment.

Talking about entrepreneurship, Aman stated that to run a start-up, one must be a cleaner. An entrepreneur is responsible to lead a team where the number of employees may increase drastically with the growth of firm. So, decision-making plays a key role. This skill helps in playing a big game in the entrepreneurship career.

“Noting down the dreams to be accomplished helps in recalling what needs to be done”, said Aman. In addition to writing, one should read books as it helps in mentoring. Besides, having a circle of like-minded individuals helps in building a better and stronger community. So, choose your circle wisely.

He shared: “If you believe in yourself and are determined to work, then even with a success ratio of as low as 10%, you can still play a big game. But to make it happen, you must be a risk-taker and start your work for building your dreams now. Self-belief is the only thing that will compel you for turning your dreams into reality.” Towards the end of the session, Aman wished all the vertos a successful career ahead and advised them to be more pragmatic.