If you have read my previous article on ‘Apple ecosystem for Students’, by now you must have understood how a particular digital ecosystem boosts your productivity.

Though, in the present digital scenario, Apple ecosystem is one of the finest and polished ecosystems you could find, the major problem with Apple is that it is way beyond a common student’s budget.

The Rise of Android Ecosystem

Well, it is rightly said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. The high price tag on Apple products makes a new market for cheaper Android phones and hence the scope of ‘Android Ecosystem’. Most students in India use Android devices and hence they need to find out a way and use all their devices together.

How to use Android Ecosystem

Let me get this straight, most laptops we use are Windows, hence it is not the finest pair with an Android phone. But this notion is getting lighter every day. There are a lot of 3rd party apps that will help you get the most of your present devices. One example of such a web app is Snap drop. I personally like this app a lot as it not only works with all your devices irrespective of platform, but it also works in situations where you have done a cross-platform data transfer. So now, you can take a screenshot of your timetable from the LPU Touch app and transfer the same to your laptop without any cables. There are a lot more apps that could change your life for good if you are a student. One such app is Your Phone app which creates a wireless bridge between your windows laptop and your android phone, which, apart from texting from your laptop, offers the feature to even make phone calls directly from your laptop.


The major drawback of this system is its ability to perform tasks on a universal scale. There are a plethora of great apps but many are limited to a particular platform and hence fail in their basic purpose of providing a consistent ecosystem. Moreover, even phones from different brands have their ecosystem which breaks the chain of creating something that works almost every time, everywhere and on every platform.

Is it helpful for Students?

Besides business, I think if anyone should exploit the Android ecosystem for good, it must be students. We as students have a lot of work on digital devices and hence there is always a need to transfer files and other data from one device to the other. With Apple doing wonders in this field, Android is catching up fast. Unless there is any unified system that bridges the gap between your devices, we must catch up with whatever resources we have to create our customized ecosystem to ramp up our productivity.