“In a world of lies and liars, an honest work of art is always an act of social responsibility.”
― Robert McKee

We all know that the current generation is the future of the world and it is our responsibility to take the social causes ahead and eradicate the social evils. The young and enthusiastic can impact the society with their best work.

As the youth, it becomes our responsibility to capitalize on opportunities to change the world. To work for the social causes is to work on yourself. Institutions take every opportunity to dedicate their efforts to the society. Vertos at Lovely Professional University has always been forward to eradicate social evils from the society. To take the initiative further, United Nations Youth Community under the aegis of Division of Youth Affairs, Lovely Professional University organized a rally specially for the cause of Cancer Awareness.

With the theme of “Close the Care Gap”, the rally was focused on the inequality faced in cancer treatment. The students from various organizations took part in the rally. The rally commenced with a Nukkad Naatak by NSS which caught the attention of the students. The students were intrigued by the effects of various nefarious activities on your health. With the commencement with this performance, UNYC volunteers took the initiative of explaining the cause. With the unanimous decision of marching to spread awareness, UNYC LPU with vertos rallied across the campus.

This initiative was supported by Fitness Edge LPU, whose owner Jasmeet Singh was more than happy to contribute for the cause. The event was a success. The vertos got to know about the otherwise unknown facts about cancer and they vowed to spread it further.