* Study half the program at LPU and half abroad

* Students can save upto 40% of their study abroad cost as one saves two years of foreign tuition fees as well as foreign living expenses

* Through this program, students have ample time to arrange finances and become more mature to go to a foreign land

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is known for creating programs that are globally aligned. LPU has strategic partnerships with over 300 universities worldwide. Through this collaboration, LPU offers a range of study abroad programs that range from short-term programs to obtaining a degree from a partner university.

One of the unique study abroad opportunities offered by LPU is the Credit Transfer Program. This program allows students to move to a foreign partner university after spending generally half of the program duration at LPU. In such a case, students receive the final degree from the foreign partner university. The Credit Transfer Program is an extremely cost-effective option as students start their degree at LPU and save by paying only two-year fees or a one-year fee for the foreign partner university. Thus, students can save up to 40% of their study abroad cost as one saves two years of foreign tuition fees as well as foreign living expenses. Most of the university partners are in the USA, Canada, UK & Australia.

Students who pursue their degree through LPU’s study abroad programs receive all the benefits as those who join from the first year. They are eligible for all the post-study work visas or other benefits that individual countries offer. In most cases, students are also exempted from taking the SAT or IELTS tests. The Credit Transfer Program is presently being offered in Engineering, Management, Hospitality, and Fashion domains at the undergraduate level and in MBA and M.Tech at the postgraduate level.

LPU has partnerships with 300+ universities abroad, including the University of California, the State University of New York, McGill University, Illinois Institute of Technology, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Newcastle University, Brock University, and many more.

Apart from the Credit Transfer Program, LPU offers other study-abroad opportunities such as student exchange programs, summer schools, research internships, and more. These programs allow students to gain international exposure and experience, which can be an asset in today’s globalized world.

LPU’s dedicated team of counsellors helps students choose the right country and university based on their aspirations, ensuring a seamless transition to their study abroad destination.