Lovely Professional University athletes, known for their ability to powerhouse an entire rock band, had a pretty good baseball season this year. They were playing from the team Punjab Lions, which made history this spring by taking part and winning a national level tournament held in Hyderabad and bagging a gold medal. The irony here, however, is the fact that despite baseball not being popular in India, the Indian baseball teams are pretty ferocious, and our innate affinity towards the bat & ball game makes the competition even fiercer. Sadly, there hasn’t been any coverage of baseball events by the media. The tournaments are intended to pique children’s interest in baseball at an early age, with the goal of growing baseball as the next big sport in the country.

Baseball and the American way of life are inextricably linked since the two have merged to create the ultimate excitement in global athletic culture. Despite the fact that baseball is primarily an American sport, the thrill of the game has travelled far and wide across ethnicities and borders, and India has taken notice of the sport and displayed a strong sense of enthusiasm and passion for this robust hypercompetitive sport. Everyone likes cricket and football, but this is unlike any other sport. If you play baseball, you can learn a variety of mental applications that can be valuable in everyday life.

Lovely Professional University being one of the pioneers in the Indian sports and athletic industry, has contributed immensely to the Indian Olympic Contingent to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and is now driving the baseball revolution in India. Assisted training methodologies and world-renowned faculties at Lovely Professional University have helped students continue to unravel new aspects of baseball from their homes during these unprecedented times and train even harder. Lovely Professional University wishes the team Punjab Lions luck in their future endeavours.