* Added safety measures on to the pre-existing old model and transformed it into a roll-cage chassis for a sportier design

* Vehicle got remodelled with wide tyres; lesser in weight; and, other suitable specifications

* This production of the deadly Covid-19 period now stands as a study model for next batches of students

Five of the passing-out batch of B Tech Mechanical Engineering students at Lovely Professional University (LPU) have remodelled and fabricated a pre-existing top-brand old car in perfection & innovation.

Believing in the maxim of ‘dreams do come true if one fights to get it’, LPU students envisioned a project to remodel a pre-existing vehicle. After brainstorming and research work, they finalized ‘Tata Nano’ as the base vehicle. As they wanted their innovative creation to be sportier in design; they selected it for its engine at the rear end. Moreover, this model was affordable, as well as a challenge also.

In 4 months of its remodelling time as a ‘roll caged chassis’; the design project underwent numerous deformation tests & analyses. It was mounted over ‘Tata Nano’ base for safety of vehicle and driver. Tyres got changed from 145 mm width to 205 mm for better traction; and, overall performance has now been increased by reducing it in weight. The re-design is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally robust.

LPU’s creative students share: “In fact, safety and optimization are two important factors in the automobile industry, and the chassis serves as the backbone of an automobile. The existing chassis design is perfectly functional, yet it can be more improved upon as per needs. The main focus of the study is a novel design of a sports coupe roll cage without compromising on performance and functionality.”

The team of five students comprising Pulkit Rathore, Pratap Chandra, Lokesh Pradhan, Bipin Kumar and Dilip Gehlot feel that this production of the deadly Covid-19 period now stands as a study model for next batches of students. Their faultless creative project is now an innovative study model at the university’s ‘Innovation Studio’. 

During a motivating celebratory occasion titled “Encore” for the same; the keys of the re-modelled vehicle chassis were handed over by the students to LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal. She applauded students’ creation, and also handed over an honorarium to them while assuring university support, in future as well. Dean Student Welfare Wing Dr Sorabh Lakhanpal, Assist Prof Mandeep Singh (Innovation Studio) and mentor of the project Assist Prof Minesh Vohra (Automobile Engineering) also witnessed the celebratory occasion.