Worried about your exams that are approaching, or you are worried about your attendance, maybe you are stressed over your friend getting placed in his first placement drive, or maybe its one of those reappears that didn’t get cleared even in the third time. Well we all, yes, not only you or me but this is a common problem for all of us; everywhere somehow in some way, everyone is stressed about something and this is leading to various mental health issues even. Commonly known by a term as PEER PRESSURE, we are all very much aware of how much we are pressurized and yet we are dealing with everything just to sustain in this society.

Facing peer pressure

Peer pressure is everything that affects people living positively or negatively. Well talking off the rails the good part is much less while the other being the major cause of people struggling to live in this society. Patriarchy is what we are dealing with; Yes, we don’t want to, but we must. Being in a world where we all as college students and the whole of the teenage students everywhere, we are aware of what life is. We aren’t kids that do not know the difference between right or wrong. But the generation gap between us and our parents is playing a major role in building this unimaginable wall and something hard to deal with and that’s all leading us to the various health problems including suicide.

The sudden change in living an independent college life far away from their parents and the influence of the peers is the main problem every third student is facing. Whether it be getting exposed to alcohol and drugs or just the insecurity of failing in academics because of repeated low marks, everything seems so tough to some extent at least. We are all adolescents and are excited and this age is something where the emotions are very high. Seeing friends hanging out now and then, or your mate getting into relationships, understanding the responsibility of your family or having the fear of living up to the dreams you have, everything is somehow affecting an individual’s life. This is the pressure we all feel.

Facing peer pressure

It’s said peer pressure slows down confidence if this is then where are we going to with all of this if we keep holding to. Book that appointment you have been ignoring to for so long and make that call for help, we all need help and we should not be ashamed of having it.

If you follow the crowd, you may get lost in it.