Make Your Time More Productive


Has it ever happened to you, that when you take stock of what you accomplished in a day, your dismayed thought is, “What a waste!I did nothing productive today!” I have this thought often. Making your time at college productive is essential to success at college and beyond. Also the endeavor, if persistent, can become a good habit for life. Ok, so you are wondering how, right?  Do not worry, I have some great tips for you to make your time more productive.

1. First thing’s first. Keep your room and study table as neat as possible. Get a pen holder to manage the small stuff that litters your desk. Keeping your desk as clean as possible will let you do your work peacefully and quickly without knocking stuff off your desk or having it come in your way and hinder you.

2. Try to avoid negative people. They are stealing your energy and sharing negative thoughts with you. Remember, you have more important things to do, than talking about UMC cases!

3. Get up early (try to make your early at 5am). It’s very important that you win the battle of the bed. Go out for a run with some positive music in your ears and I promise, this will keep you refreshed throughout the day.

4. DO NOT say yes to everyone and everything, or you’ll end up doing other people’s work. Be selfish!

5. Stop multitasking. Multi-tasking is a role dimension, not a habit you should live by. It is a compromise with 70% when a 100% is not possible, and a sure stress bite. Why do something like that, unless absolutely necessary? You can live everyday student life the 100% way. What’s the rush? This is the time for good things, roll with them. 

6. Drink a lot of water. Water is the solution to everything. Keeping yourself hydrated will make you feel energetic, therefore, you’ll end up being more productive.

7. Make a list of the bad habits you want to rid yourself of, and consciously resist falling into them. This way you are freeing up time for more important things.

8. Use the time when you’re walking to classes. Read a good book or get your daily fix of music in that time and free up time you’d spend on it later for something else.

9. Try to minimise your social media use. Wastes your time, stresses you out, rots your brains, unless very judiciously and smartly used.

10. Get sufficient sleep. Adults should have at least eight hours of sound sleep. If you sleep well you don’t feel tired, and are able to do more work.

These are my top ten tips to enhance productivity. Try them to get the best out of your time.