Mass Communication is a field of wide opportunities. Gone are the days when journalism and mass communication were only restricted to printing magazines, newspaper articles and news. With the advent of modernization, this field has gained a lot of importance and mostly in the past ten years.

The course distribution of Mass Communication degree contains a wide range subjects. Public Relations, Reporting, and Editing, Web Portals, Advertising etc are all the part of this course. This kind of fine distribution of subjects gives an interesting viewpoint and options to a student to choose from and begin his/her career with by the end of graduation. Choosing a career becomes easy because the options are not limited. And this independence helps in the making the best of decisions that define your life.

Travel industry and freelancing are one of the coolest areas that are associated with Mass Communication. And with the three years of time packed with numerous projects, practicals and excellent exposure to the media and other organizations, you can easily pick one field to make your career in.

Mass Communication Career

If you hold a Mass Com. degree or are pursuing one, you have the most powerful ‘wand’ in your hand. In today’s time, there is a large number of start-ups growing in the market. These companies are always in search of highly ambitious and creative students who can meet the benchmarks of their organization. Mass Communication students being versatile and knowledgeable of a wide range of fields can fit in positions like Trainee Writers, Editors, Sub-editors (Video, Graphic Designing etc), Photographers, Public Relations Officer, Advertising, and lots more that comes under the roof of this course. With vivid knowledge and doing your work passionately, one can achieve heights in these creative fields and earn sufficiently to promote a healthy lifestyle for themselves.