India is massive and each region has numerous flavourful recipes that they are famous for. Sweet flavor in North, coconut oil in South, likewise it’s not difficult to say the food habits of Northeast India how they are attached to meat. Amidst this diversity, when we take a look at how much people are attached to their food and how much they spend for it, it has a very surprising result. Here you will get to know the attachment of North-Easterners for their love, food, through a simple analysis.
 Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is a small city with little less than one lakh population. But according to young butcher Niepu Kense, an MA post-graduate from Nagaland University, an average pork shop sells around 150 Kg a day, which amounts to INR 8.1 lakh a month. There are more than 50 pork shops in Kohima, where the combined quantity of pork sold in a month rockets to 7500 Kg, amounting to INR 40 million a month. Niepu Kense, who grades his shop as 5 in a range of 1 to 10 in terms of quantity of meat sold, has been a full-time butcher for more than a year and has become very familiar with this business.
 This analysis is taken with the lowest base data available with him and no other kind of meat is included. The actual value will be higher than this calculation if we take every minute data or the actual values for the taken lower values.
 As we sarcastically say to our non-pork eating friends that chicken activates only 20% of our taste buds when compared with pork, he also disclosed that 1 in every 5 customers is a non-local, which shows the adaptation to pork by every people living in the city.
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Khumong T Khiamniungan(Student at LPU School of Civil Engineering)
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