It happens to us every day! When the professor needs you to submit that 2,000-word essay before 5 pm or your editor is sitting on your head for that perfect article, you’re stuck and it’s hard. Sometimes, we work out ways to be more productive during our work hours so that we don’t get into situations like above. But, sometimes we’re just knee deep in the mess and that’s when we need a solution. Here’s one: The Beast Mode

So, What actually is the beast mode?

Beast mode is diving into an all-work-no-play zone where you’ll have your nose to the grindstone. There aren’t going to be questions like whether you’ll check your Instagram feed because the answer is going to be no. Simply, it is hyper-focus and determination.

How to get into beast mode?

It can be both natural and self-controlled. You may feel like you need to get things done before the water gets overhead or a simple quotation may hit your heart about success or just life. It is very often triggered by random factors such as an inspirational song lyrics, a movie-ending or maybe after being appreciated.

More Work But Less Time- The Beast Mode

Here are several tips and ways to get most of your work done in the ‘Beast Mode’ –

  1. Create a self-motivating deadline

Take a piece of paper, get a sticky note or if you are the tech nerd then just type it up on your smartphone or laptop, just get yourself a deadline. It should mention the date and time, in bold capitalized letters and stick it someplace where you’ll be able to keep a constant eye on it. Make a list of pending tasks in order of priority or difficulty and then just stick to crossing off each of them in the given time.

  1. Create a Beast Mode Playlist and put it on loop

For example, when I like to write or do homework, I have a playlist called ‘Ninja Mode’ that I’d like to play on repeat. It’s a mix of different genres and tones of sounds ranging from Rihanna’s Work to Sara Bareilles’s Brave and you’ll also find some punk rock hidden. The beats make me think less and work more because of which I can concentrate. You can download an inspirational playlist of your taste or just make one up for yourself. Trust me, you’ll enjoy your work more!

  1. Remove all distractions and yes that slime too

If you’ve set your decision to dive into Beast Mode, try to clear your workplace of all the distractions. That includes your smartphone, pets, television, gamepad etc. Remember, this is all about work. You will catch up on the other things when you are done.

During examinations, we all have a lot on our plate and people tend to forget that students need to sleep, eat, bath, exercise and relax too. It’s never only studied and it never can be. So, if you’re overwhelmed, activate the beast inside to get all of it done, not to mention before the deadline.

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