Lovely Professional University is hosting the 65th annual National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA 2023) Convention, which is inaugurated by the Chairman of the Council of Architects (COA India), Prof (Ar) Abhay Vinayak Purohit. The event will witness more than 30 seminars, 60 workshops by 100+ top architects, providing an opportunity for the 4,500 budding architects from around the world to learn and grow.

In his address, Prof (Ar) Purohit talked about the challenges facing the architectural fraternity and encouraged students to see them as opportunities. He praised the students as the smart generation who can adapt to changing situations and become globally competent architects. Prof (Ar) Purohit also invited NASA members to the COA for approaching society with full architectural contributions and congratulated NASA on its success.

LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal expressed his excitement at seeing so many architectural students on campus and praised the energy of all the six zones of NASA in the country. Other esteemed guests, including Emirati Entrepreneur Dr Bu Abdullah and Architect Ms Sara Cervera from Madrid, also shared their thoughts on architecture and sustainability.

Dr Bu Abdullah, Emirati Entrepreneur and Chairman at Bu Abdullah Group, expressed his immense happiness and honour on visiting Lovely Professional University (LPU) and Punjab for the first time. He conveyed his desire for more collaboration with India, applauding the efforts of LPU in promoting excellence in education.

Architect Sara Cervera from Madrid, Spain, emphasized the need for sustainability in architecture, urging all architects to design buildings that adopt green practices and promote energy-saving measures. Her message aligns with LPU’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and green practices.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Pro Chancellor Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Preeti Bajaj, Chief Architect & and top office bearers of NASA. As part of the inauguration, the guests also released an informative booklet titled “Indian Arch.” The booklet is a valuable resource for architects and architecture students, providing insights and information on the latest trends and developments in architecture in India and beyond.

NASA President Tarun Krishna, Adviser Manogha, Event Head Hari Sesikumar, Vice-President Neeraj Kumar, and all other office-bearers expressed their joy and excitement at the convention, describing it as a euphoric celebration of architecture and design. Prior to the inauguration, the participating students showcased a massive 2km long procession from their assembly place at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium to converge at Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis, holding placards of their respective institutions and enjoying the festivities.

NASA is a renowned architectural student body organization with over 65,000 students from 300+ colleges across various countries, and it has become an integral part of architecture colleges in India and SAARC nations. Dr. (Ar.) Atul Singla, the Chief Architect & Head of the School of Architecture & Design at LPU, welcomed and thanked all attendees, stating that students are the future of the country’s architectural design.