In a remarkable display of grit, determination, and athletic prowess, Sweeti Nain, a student-athlete from Lovely Professional University, has emerged victorious in the 2-kilometer lightweight women’s single scull event at the prestigious Khelo India University Games 2023. Her stellar performance has not only brought glory to herself but also elevated the reputation of LPU’s sports community.

Our verto displayed exceptional technique and unmatched stamina. Her strokes were graceful yet powerful, propelling her slender boat through the water with remarkable speed and precision. With each passing meter, she demonstrated not only her physical strength but also her mental fortitude, maintaining focus and composure throughout the challenging race.

The Khelo India University Games 2023, organized by the Government of India, aims to promote sports culture and provide a platform for talented student-athletes across the nation to showcase their skills. The event attracts participants from various universities, each vying for excellence in their respective disciplines.

Lovely Professional University’s unwavering commitment to sports and its exceptional facilities, dedicated coaching staff, and supportive community have played a crucial role in Sweeti Nain’s victory at the Khelo India University Games 2023. Sweeti’s win stands as a shining example of LPU’s contribution to the sporting landscape in India and its dedication to empowering student-athletes to reach their full potential. The team of Lovely Professional University congratulates Sweeti Nain for her marverlous win.