The future of technology is Robotics!

Lovely Professional University B.Tech students recently won at NIT Delhi where they participated in a National Level Robotics Event. The team bagged the 1st prize in Robo Fight and secured the 2nd position in the Puck Collector. We are elated by their achievement and wish that they all achieve every dream before they even thought of it to happen.

In the last few years, robotics activities in India have moved well beyond the traditional areas of industrial applications and entered newer domains of education, rehabilitation, entertainment, and even into our homes. Indian robotics researchers have similarly grown from a handful to over a hundred engaged in research labs, education, industry, atomic energy, etc.

Many of us feel that it is about time to form an academic society to further augment our robotics activities and for better interaction among ourselves. With this objective, The Robotics Society organizes the main event every year, and the events are Advances in Robotics (AIR) and Workshop on Robotics, held alternatively.