From planning for new year parties since forever to sleeping at 10:30 on 31st December, we grew up. This phrase is pretty much meme material but if we contemplate this, it stands true. Not many people around us are huge fans of the new year and some of us are quite the opposite. If we delve into reasons behind it, they may not be very complicated, it can be something like, “Dude, I am just not a party person.” The party animals will insist on the introverted or lazy friends and eventually, everybody will be at places they wanted to be at with chances of swapping places.

New year resolutions are another quirk about New Year. Some take them quite seriously whereas some are just as excited about them as they are for a Monday, which is nothing at all. Resolutions have a lot of types and magnitudes. Basic ones would be hitting the gym, reading certain books, traveling, or to try to get up on time. Looking from another perspective how funny it is to decide upon something after every 12 months and try to commit to the resolutions only to find that you are back in your comfort zone right after the first week. Now, this might not be true for all of us but is the reality for a majority of people.

Right after the first day of the year, everything starts seeming depressingly normal. Movies and quotes give us exceedingly high expectations about how everything might change once you enter the New year. It may be true for some but observing deeply, it can be true for all of us if we try to renew ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. If we choose to remain the same, it is a bit unfair to expect for things to change around us. So, if you are still stuck wondering where is the New year magic, it is right there; you have to unfold it on your own.

Lastly, whatever the New year might bring, you need not tie all hopes to a new year, an anniversary, a birthday, or any date. You need not be at the extravagant party; you need not have a list of resolutions if you do not want to. Everything will change when you are willing to take a step forward. Take the decision that needs to be taken, do what your heart wants, for once without thinking about how it might turn out. For all you know, things have a way of sorting themselves out.

Most importantly, let this year be a year of more self-love, kindness, love, and humanity.